Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today i thought i was late for school then i realised my clock was half an hour faster and i started to do everything slowly so that i'll reach school right on time. I mean half an hour does seem like alot doesn it? So i strolled and the most lepak pace ever... and when i was nearing school, i realised i forgot my labcaot tmd. So i made a crazy dash home to grab it. Either way i would have been a dead duck. Jomer would have death stared me if i was without it, dr chooi would death stare me if i were late. And i was wearing a knitted pullover, it was 12 pm, i was caryring a gigantic bag and wearing loafers. Not a good combi for a sprint. And i almost fell down the stair and sprained my ankle but i was on time. phew.

Then during tutorial doctor oh told me he didn't receive my tutorial. I felt like dying. It's graded, i cracked my brain thinking of what to write just so i could score as much as possible. And i might have to redo now, because i doubt he's that careless to not notice my paper so that means i probably put bit in the wrong pigeon hole. Shit. It's like sometime you do something well and you know the second time would never be that good again. UGH.

And yesterday yobo and i had the most telepathic moment by far. Even far far more than whatever we had when we were still b1 and b2 and twins with alot in common. So we're about to cross the road and i'm having "She will be loved" going on in my head, and like a couple of secs after it starts in my head. YOBO SINGS IT OUT LOUD IN THE EXACT SAME VERSE AS WHERE I WAS. O.O YEA I KNOW O.O O.O O.O. i was like OMGGGGGGGG !

Yea uh huh.
Do you think you're thinking what i'm thinking b1?
I think i'm thinking what you're thinking b2.
Definitely, mwah love you fat boy.

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