Tuesday, February 16, 2010



For all the small things can could make you smile (:

Studying yesterday was like..... shit. I bathed a total of 4 times in a day, the weather was so warm i kept having headaches, i couldnt sit still, things wouldnt go in, punctured studying with pirouettes to clear my head and sat from 10-9 with little progress. tres epic. And at 9pm i finally decided, fuck i cannot stand the heat and headaches anymore and i packed and went down to macs. Should have done that earlier, that cold air was a life saver. Then of course there's the Mr-i-am-@-causewaypoint-buying-bbcream who chased away my " audrey bu yao emo ): jia you ): " (hahahhaha) when he rang going " i give up luh ni zhai which mac donald i cant find you". Seriously chased away my blues and i chugged on assimilating my notes.

But of course, smarty pants me ended up mixing somethings here and there and tadah. I'd make today better (: At point, i have with much aplomb, cancelled out : 1) Home 2) group studying 3) overtly quiet places 4) places where people are having proper comprehensive conversation 5) songs 6) THE KNN HEAT, as my companions. And actually my most fruitful studying session was squeezing in one corner at a lan shop while yobo and gang went about with their FANCHEONGCHEE NANTIJATUH ZHUIHAOMEI .hmmmmmm.

And my white ink is really ugly now ): i'm cool with it, like i really wanted black ink but i know i cant have it any other way. but stilllll... I would be much happier if it turned out the way i wanted it to, *double crossing fingers*. And ronald's tattoo is summed up in one apt word... beautiful . It looked far less garang and more delicate than i expected it too. but it is awesome.

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