Wednesday, February 24, 2010

day where u gone?


Post Exam. Post Floor The Love. And semi reeling in shock and excitement that freeeedom is here.
Apart from the impending mbio paper T_T all's well!

Floor The Love was just a crazy experience for me, crazy but amazing :) Could have done much better but i fell into battle syndrome which kinda sucked. Still it was just unbelievable for 2AM and being the last group to be called out, i was so happy and excited and shocked and excited and shocked again. The person i have to thank the most is MEVALIA LOSCO LO, my fellow M, even though you probably wont see this but i miss training with you and I LOVE YOU! Sorry i pulled us down, if we do conquer FTL 2011 together, i promise it'll be up level. Thanks mev for the experience (: wouldn't have wanted it any other way with anyone else.

Really inspired now, and that ebbing love for dance that i had is all just coming back. And that is just wonderful for me.

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