Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY is getting worse each year, not just me, i see just about every one around me going about with it in drudgery. Even the kids aren't as hyped about it as before, they just arrive , get their money and knock out.. no more happy banter. And it's stressful, not just because of the looming exams like 2 days after the celebration, but also the insane amount of visiting..cramping smiles..serving..trying to cramp in studies without an opportunity.. mum stressing out and stressing us all out..relatives gossiping.... and alot of other things that made me wonder where the past cnys have died to. Last year was a like immunity year, this year, my little red packets arent so lucky. Once again they're gonna bear the brunt of quite possibly slipping out of my fingers, which is really like the not-so-sweet cherry on top of the cake. And the worst is that grandpa just got admitted to hospital, there's nothing i can do but pray and hope he'll be well. If those foul mouthed bitches are going to have anymore things to say about it, I would seriously forgo all the status shit and fuck them upside down, respect needs to be earned and idiots without compassion or the decency to know when to shut up... do not have an ounce of my respect. I'm just waiting for the clear all now, to know my grandpa is safe.

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