Wednesday, January 06, 2010


This is really irritating, it's the third night of insomia.
I am freaking tired, i really want to sleep.
I've tried counting sheep, drinking warm honey water, reading, lying on the bed stoning and even studying.
I want to study like now, couldn't catch a single probe/nylonmembrane/singlestranded thing in lab.
but because i'm tired, nothing is going in and i've been rereading the same slide for 10 minutes.
And zilch to reliance on drugs, tamade i dont want to see my doctor again.
This is why it is better to be socially closed up to problems, people judge, people have a thing to say. And most of the time, they choose to see things their way. I hate it when people belittle the problems of others, be it mine or someone else's.

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