Sunday, November 22, 2009

when you reach out and they don't care, fck them.


Heart in your hand and mine. This was dreams concert when the monkey came down to support my extremely short reggae and finale items, styling my hair and constantly assuring me that I'll find "it" back, or rather i haven't exactly lost "it". Thank you monkey, the chocolate was horrible but i loved every bit of it and I've still got the wrapper (:

The past few days were rough like WHOOOAAAAA, kind of rough. And as magically as it materialised , everything was gone today after some talking (: And i'm really thankful for that.

Mums has said this to me quite a number of times
" I think i was mute in my previous life, that's why i cant stop talking in this life"
Which i find quite bimbotic, but i totally get what she means.

I guess that's why i rarely ever shut up infront of you, I'm always blabbering on and on even when my thoughts cant seem to piece themselves in understandable format, i still go on... It just happens when you usually keep everything inside, that when you finally find somewhere you can unload, everything comes out.

Thank you for putting up with me all the time, even though sometimes I just want to stuff two chopsticks up your nose so that you'll just stop analysing, arguing and listen. Still i love the fact that i'll never have to worry about you backstabbing me, or pretending to be all nice and prancy when inside you just want me dead, and also how you're the first person i've ever argued and genuinely said "fxck you" to. I meant that in a good way, seriously, it says alot (: also in a good way. Because i finally found someone i can truely be upfront about my feelings about, i dont have to hide everything. That also says alot about why i'm the least docile gf you ever had, because you get 100%, i don't divide it amongst anyone else.

Okay i'm off to bed! Just had to get all that off my mind lest i forget.
I don't like the feeling of forgetting something and then trying to get back those exact words.
I'll be hugging the 2 turtles to sleep and they'll be protecting "home" :3,
i bet you're drooling on the shy bear now.

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