Sunday, November 22, 2009


Finally up (:

Today saw me missing vetting (again :x ) due to sporadic bouts of fever and my floaty head which still hasnt gone away since tue. I am hell bent on getting well, i've finished all my medication including the previous one to get rid of the bad head but.... no it's still here. And i cant figure out whyyyy. I sleep well ( have been recently ), eat well and have been following whatever the doctor said but my head still floats. And i am sick of going to the doctor because my $$$ goes down the drain, and my problem seems stuck in between REAL sickness and just weird. For sayy.... puking twice on fri and after that my head is all well again! and then during training it comes back and i had to stop. Then yesterday i was all peachy keen in the early afternoon but the moment i got on the bus, every thing bad came back. how the hell do you explain that to the doctor? It's like relating an itinery to him.

I hope i don have to see him tmr ): my money........ )':

and also, i put up this collection, redid my citations and report, had a meetup, had another helix piercing and i'm going for dinner, off to thrash things out, come back to my fila chart , study mbio, maybe try doing lsm and cd2 and study cd2 and and.......

gah.kaybye. will be damn tempted to kill chooi if he screwed up the info.

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