Sunday, November 22, 2009

u and i

Park Bom's " You and I ".

I'm really clueless about korean stars and not until recently, I haven actually found any interest in them. But it's growing (: I'm hearing nice ones here and there with really great MVs.

Here's one, it's heart wrenching how a song with such a catchy tune paired with a candy coloured MV doused in so much sunshine can make me feel sad.

Well, whoopeedoo, I've finally got a diagnosis even though i don't think the medication fits much. Stupid stomach virus, got a call from mums that went " see!!!! ma told you not to eat the food in the fridge without heating up. " I hate eating stuff that's hot.
oh wells.... back to my canine flea research T_T
Until my head goes woozy again, i need to keep at this T_T.T_T.T_T.T_T

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