Tuesday, November 24, 2009



There's something about not knowing much about photography that makes it beautiful.
For me, it is at least.
I think when people know too much about a particular art, it takes a certain something out of it.

Say, take dance for example. When i din't know much about it in terms of techniques, accents, control, hitting the beats and all I'd go to a dance performance and look and feel. That's all there is to it, it's visual i either liked it or not, to put it really crudely. But now, there's just so many things running through my mind, accents, did they hit the beat, expressions and to more well trained dancers, they'd take note of lighting, props every single minute detail... And the dance just gets broken down, scrutinized and it kinda loses something.

I love photography, love taking photos of things and looking at photos. I guess it was just something that hit me today as i looked at all the photos i have, i know nothing about the right composition, right lighting and all those technical terms ,
and i think it's much easier for me to fall in love with the photographs i see (:

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