Tuesday, October 06, 2009


You met me just when i thought my life would go on this way forever... mundane, routine, lacklustre. When i wanted to be that better person yet i din't know how, didn't have anyone who truely tried to guide me, to push me along. Just when i've caved into the familiarity of a common surrounding- people, doings, environment... you appeared. Popped out of a long ago memory in blue skinnies, materialised yourself from that picture on the screen... and wreaked havoc in my life. You, you turned it upside down when i was at a point so allergic to change, yet deep down ,craving so badly for a it. Topsy turvy and reduced to tears so many times, you could say i was broken yet getting stronger. You caused all that- crying nights on end, laughing so carelessly and placed me gobsmacked in front of the fork road ... heart or head? I chose heart, and haven't looked back since. You drove me on the highway of every imaginable spectrum of emotions, alive, you know? We were random, are still random and i guess, will always be. Our meeting, our acquaintance, queerly random yet fitting. Strange i'd say. Neither here nor there yet things fell into sequence like tipping the first domino block... going on and on and on.

Strange, really. Us.

But i'm throwing caution to the wind (:

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