Sunday, October 04, 2009


I feel like that when i see you.
Excited, something-up-my-sleeve-=-ambush-nipple-pinching, pupil dilated, manja, attention-seeking, giggly, dopey, bimbotic, violent, hungry, playful, maximised heart palpitations from the above and just.... myself. Chameleon personality and all, you're the first to see it all, to REALLY see and feel the rawness and all. We're still breaking out of our shells, and every day feels more comfortable than the previous :3

Today after recital training, zamboot and i went biking again ! I LOVE THAT BIKING GAME. Brings back childhood memories where my bro and i used to play them at an arcade in eastcoast, that was my favourite game then. Sadly it got lost for so many years and i fell in love with ripper frog instead. But now it's back and i would never have dared to try it again if not for baby, i'll learn to win you soon monkey :D then our rides will be less boring for you since you keep winning.

completely irrelevant, but i wish school wouldn't open. Nothing makes me look forward to it.
At all.

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