Friday, October 09, 2009

" Rainy days never stay"
-the brilliant green.

Probably one of my all time favourite songs, I have absolutely no idea what the song is singing about exactly with it being jap and all, but the parts that are peppered in english give me pretty much a rough picture. Plus the happy tune, it kinda comforts me. I know it's kinda weird but i tend to listen to happy songs when sad and sad songs when i'm happy.

I just hope that shit like last night would never stay whenever it comes. Yesterday was probably the first time i felt that useless in dance, not being able to focus, not being able to catch steps i knew i could usually. Ended up thrashing all first 4 auditions and when it came down to the last 2 i still screwed up ): Need to do something about my emotions and that violent streak.

Broke again ): need to do something about managing my finance. 4 am still need to do stuff for the new collection, sigh, why are my photos still like shit ): ): ):

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