Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sauf la dernière danse pour moi.


Par de deux. A guy , a girl , a set of movements, a mass of interactions, a dash of chemistry, a dance of two. There's just something so enchanting about a partner dance, be it a ballet/modern/hiphop/jazz piece, i just find that connection in the dance between both sides very alluring. I love watching partner dance, the way the two dancers just burn the stage with so much chemistry you wonder if they're lovers, how one move from him will flow with one move from her, the tug and shove, the trust you find in them to be able to move as one, to be able to execute each lift with grace and ease. When i look at a partner dance, i don't see a set of movements, what i see are two people in their own world for that few moments, thoroughly lapping up each other's company. To me, that's something beautiful.

It has always been this little dream/fantasy/wish of mine to be able to dance with the one i love; to be the one sucked into that entirely different realm. Some place where there's only you and me and that's all that truely matters, scraping all the nitty bitty details that cant be stashed away usually, just the two of us. The playground, the studio, the walkway, the stairs, anywhere could be our stage, and we be our very own audience.

I want to feel that chemistry, that connection, that intensity and movement with you (:

We'll grace our very own stage together silly boy, and you can make my dream come true.
Laissez l'amour de phase

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