Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'd breathe in your scent... and smile





I'm bad with words , you of all people know it best.
How i trip, fumble, grumble and give up... give up trying to explain.
Give up trying to make you sit in my shoes to understand,- how i feel, how badly i'm grappling with all my issues, how horribly i've gotten myself gashed from all the hurt.
It's a daunting task, i know.
Daunting, draining and in every sense of the word...unpleasant.
Yet, you still try.

You still try to make your way through all the doors i usually close on the world.
And just as you get to the last open door with me standing there...
i usually slam it in your face.
I know, i'm such a jackass. I'm sorry , i know that drives you up the wall.
But you do the same to me too, so i guess we're even.

We're even and trying our best to make it past that last door, and trying our best to leave that last one open...together.
I know it's going to be tough, we've spent our whole lives shutting people out when we fall,
and finally truely opening up to each other will be as easy as asking me to not stone,
or as easy as asking you to perm your hair.
But we have to do this.
And i know we can. We'll try right silly boy?

I've never told you that i needed you.
I don't want to need anybody, i don't want to fall hard when that person leaves.
Every time you told me you needed me, i'd shun.
I'd reply with a " i want you".
But now, my power front aside... i really do need you.
I don't need you at every step of my life, i know I wont die without you,
but i need you to complete it.
I'd need your hugs to guide me through those times i trip, those times when i cant stop crying, those times i just want so badly to have you close.
For you to pepper my days with bits and pieces of TLC, because i'm manja like that.
and you know it.

I love you zamboOt.
We'll make it through this one (:
We always do right... superboy?

This is for you, a compilation of our songs,
and songs specially for you (:
You'd know it when you hear them and realise they arent "our" songs.

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