Sunday, August 09, 2009

Photog memoirs and absolute axis.


All credits to justin (:

the last one's our favourite.

On a completely irrelevant note, i think falling out is horrible. I guess this time round, the tables are turned on me, sad to say, i'm prepared for more. For more judgements and hearing of one side of the story. As much as i'd like to believe that maturity calls for impartial treatment- this is human nature. We tend to sway towards people whom we're closer to, we tend to listen to them more. Even if they were at fault, even if the other party was just helplessly looking on for a wee bit of understanding, sometimes it's just not going to happen. Sometimes, you'd just be the taunt of all the mind games, of conversation manipulation, of messing up your insides. Because you would never, and you cant do likewise. Because ultimately, deep inside, you're not a cunning fox. People come people go, sometimes as much as you'd like to keep them by your side in some way. It's just not possible. It doesnt call for blatant pulling away, it just requires small little sparks here and there and all will be goodbye. Which is sad. In the face of negativity, good times tend to get forgotten too quickly. Sometimes the hurt is too deep and attempts will all fail. Explanation, reconcillation, none. Every thing will slowly fade into an absolute axis- two ways, two ways that go on and on forever , so far apart, never meeting, never will. Sometimes it's a choice, sometimes, it's a just the natural flow of things.

whatever it is, when hurt is intentionally inflicted and fault is sought on purpose, it's a warning sign. To start the axis going or at least be prepared for it.

I've not regretted what i've done (: Grow, grow,grow... heh.
Power out all over the world.
erhem. and time to lose some weight.
it not funneh when people laugh at you ):

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