Sunday, August 09, 2009

gad day

Good + Bad = GAD
so yes, today is a gad day.

why it's good?

because i found a new phototaking spot that's fun to play with, i've kinda finished on breeds and PHP, i had my green tea frappe, i discovered the wonders of Starbucks, i managed to sneak in dosages of zamboot, i was a filial kid, i intend to keep very single piece in the next collection and.... yea that's about it.

why it's bad?

because i din finish all my pictures, i din manage to edit any, i'm off schedule for everything, i wont be able to launch it on time, i'll end up pushing it back AGAIN ):, my customers might get angry, my bank account would still be depleted, i was misunderstood, i cried at starbucks, i din get to hug my zamboot when i was sad and only had him over the phone, eat alot=fat,stress about dance and school work, people have issues with my ass, influx of twits and selfish people around me.... ): ): ):


and seriously i dont get the issue about my ass. i mean, okay so i suck at modelling, that's cos i'm not a professional model. but really, my butt? that's just ridiculous. it's like blaming an ugly person for being born ugly. I was born with a big butt so i mean, what gives right? do i need edit my back to make it less arch and like make my butt smaller? ): trying to not get affected but it still stings at times. sigh, it just makes me so conscious when i'm taking the photos this time round. Like what if the nest batch of photos come out and people start going on and on about me promoting my ass instead of the clothes. fuck. like really.

siggghhh.. off to delay the whole launch on the website.

i miss zambut.
on a lighter note! we have new photos! wheeeeeeeeeeeeee (: thanks justin thanks justin!
love that sofa at starbucks, justin should really invest in a dslr, he takes really good photos.

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