Friday, August 07, 2009

piggyback me to seventh heaven


Am tired, very. Got home at close to 12 from training at NYP. We're still at starting out stage, very exasperating. The short time we have is honestly quite nerve wrecking ._.

Have a ton of things to do, choreo, pack my room, get the new collection done ( this is stressing me out alot but i know i cant push it back anymore, STUDY ( this stresses me out the most ). .......Was walking back home alone just now, feeling down in the dumps and fervently toying with the idea of getting inked. I know exactly what i want and where i want it. Thing is, my mum and probably my grandma will skin me alive. " hide it from them lah!" okay, i've heard this countless of times when i talk about wanting to get inked. But i want it on my wrist. It's not a pretty me up thing that teeters towards the aesthetics side, but more of a daily reminder. Daily reminder of how i should be living my life everyday. It's just me, if i don get reminders, my state of mind just sways and sways and everything will end up fade, fading, faded...That aside, anywhere else isnt exactly hideable since i always end up accidentally falling asleep naycurd in my mum's room. But i know it's all talk, because it'll break my mum's heart and i don like living in tension. Then again, there isnt much difference with a tattoo and my scars. I'd still get judged for both soooo...... okay that's contradicting, scrap it ayo...

I need zambut's piggybacks now. They always assure me in that subtle nondescript way. Right now, i'm feeling as insecure as a Blue Whale ); ); which would be... very.

sigh, i miss you silly. Suntec is definitely a strain factor * puffs dejected air out*. I love... clinging onto you like a koala as you run around with me on your back, grinning madly from the warm and happiness of that very moment. Snuggling up to your nape, taking in your scent and very gently whispering " i love you" in your ears followed with me signature" heh heh"s and a peck.

Would love to have my daily dosage of sweet lil piggybacks.
Love and Need to.

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