Tuesday, August 04, 2009

mumble jumble randoms

Speech didn't go as well as i wanted to, despite my practicising i still fell short of what i wanted. Was really happy for cexi though, he aced it and the happiness when he came back was just madly radiating out of him :D Hard work pays off , if it doesn't , it was never meant to be.

For the past few days, i've just been opening up my notebook and reading those self-penned quotes. I wont say i'm all reved up with mad motivation but for starters, this is pretty good. Pretty much gets me through the day quite a bit when things start to go a lil awry.

That aside, i realised that i actually have A LOT of notebooks, journals, diaries...
and they are all incomplete. NEVER have i once completed a journal. NEVER. I always tend to write and at some point of time , i'll put it aside and forget about it... Or i'll think about writing down but thoughts but at the end of the day i dont. Sometimes entries fall between months between. And when i next pick up the diary and flip those pages, i'll usually read right from the start. Ending with the last date in sight, and realising that " time sure flew by ". Other times, i don't even continue but start off in a new book. My way of " closing up one chapter and opening up a new one". Weird, i know. So my house i filled with half written diaries, i like reading them though. I like unearthing those very memories and all the nitty gritty details that happened at that point of time.

Missed the meeting with jadey cos i couldn make it ): ): i are sad. I'll make sure we'll have one full day to ourselves to catch up, there are HUGE GAPS and lapses in time frames that we need to fill in. And jadey's tunic and birthday present, pretty cheesy but i got the same thing for myself :D

Had green tea frappe and a banana with baby before heading off to dance are mailing. Green tea frappe- venti-shared with someone... Is just absolute heaven. I like sharing food, i like sharing food with people who like sharing food with me. I tend to keep quiet when i eat so sharing food has that connection? Somewhat (: Glad all my quirky little likes and habits fit in with yours. *wink wink*

WE HAVE STARTED!!!!!!!! awesome. not much, but we're headed somewhere and that gets me hyped up!!!!! I love basic instinct. Feel so at home with you guys. it's nice receiving all of brian's long, mildly cheesy but motivating and sweet emails to everyone. Nice to have nana and his mad mad antics, that said... NANA TAKE CARE OF YOUR TOE AND YOU BETTER GO SEE A SINSEH BEFORE I PULL YOU TO ONE TO HAVE YOUR TOE SNAPPED. Nice to have veron's " AJA AJA FIGHTING! ". nice to have kevin and his doodling, and very recently his Booby Basic intinct drawing. me likes * thumbs up *. nice to have...... just nice to have you guys (:

MODERN.EXAM.TMR. and my left sole is partially skinless. Just my luck ): hate the feeling when my toe touches anything now, it is meffing painful. I hope plasters would do the trick. Even though my doubles are still down the dumps, but i don want my sole to ruin everything else i've been training for * cross fingers*. Ended training at 11.15. Tired, sweaty, smelly, toe hurting... But happy (:

SO many things piled up on my plate now, i know i'll be exhausted but i'm still excited. So to all those who have yet to study, here's a reassuring pat. I'm worse off, haha, suntec is gobsmacked in during exams. Not complaining though! there's no way i'll be trading of suntec. cope, must learn to cope.

And think of all the awesome stuff i'd get to do after the exams. Have been kinda independent for more than a month now, soon, hopefully soon i can start paying for stuff like all my bills *beams*. And thursday, is coming! MY PHONE PLAN'S FINALLY BEING UPGRADED. i should have done this a long long long time ago.

A big thank you to baby (: For putting in so much effort to help me. It is nice to have someone around me who knows exactly what i'm fighting for. All the advices and assurance... :) Looking forward to the day we get to dance together for an item and try funky new ideas.

For now, there's acm practical and i've yet to start.
stupid knots. I hate knots.
big exasperated mawr.

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