Sunday, August 16, 2009

extended warranty


Studying at macs with baby was productive and sweet.
Saccharine, candy coated, diabetes inducing kind of sweet.
How we sneak peeks at each other in between our work, and when one catches the other looking...
we gaze and end up shying away. Sometimes, with bated breath, we'll gaze a little longer, leaning a little forward and breaking out into little showers of laughter and sticking out tongues because it's a little too far to slip in a kiss. Then there are those notes passed back and forth, a perfect mixture of love and idiot induced. Writing, drawing, admiring the folding the paper and putting it at the opposite side. Open, reading smiling is when i picked up the paper, opened it and saw the words written. Words of assurance, to quench my insecurities and need for affirmation. Then we'll both smile at each other, flushing madly yet still feel so comfortable. One queer balance of our love that i love. And i'll never forget the ecard (: It made me tear it made me feel so warm on the inside, it made me just wanted to pounce forward and shower you with so much affection. This fuzzy feeling, i love it. You're 20, i'm 18 yet when we come together, when we're around each other, we act like pubescent teens with their puppy loves. The way we hug when we see each other that people we know tend to laugh about. The kind of hug described as " not seen each other for 10 years " kind of hug, yet it never bothers us. Like how we're always in our won world when we meet. How we unknowingly blur over the sounds and info to find just you and me left.

Small people, big big dreams (:
we've got here something amazing. Never mind how fast it all went, never mind the hardships, never mind the cynical " you guys wont last ". What i have, what we have is now. The present, the one dimension in time i could possibly control, would possibly find tangible is all right infront of me.
2 months, may seem like a short time. But when you have quality 2 months, that's something difficult.

to you, my semi ***** (:

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