Sunday, July 12, 2009


1) watched transformers with baby and we both drooled over megan fox.
2) got new stocks
3) FB performance training . stress.
4) took pictures for new collection myself. wished my pictures were nicer
5) GOT AQUAMARINE CONTACTS and very much in love with them
6) choreographed additonal bounce piece in half an hour
7) cracked my brain trying to simplify it yet not make it boring
8) fretting over money issues
10) went crazy in an msn convo with jadey <3 <3
11) very in love with the ice cream phone from korkor
12) ate alot of stuff from hokkaido fair
13) suntec training was awesome
14) emotional rollercoaster rides
15) worried about LA for performance
16) alot of things to do
17) alot of things to do to my very best
18) room in a mess again. pfffft.
19) 1st with baby. mad mad day that ended up very much happy.

it's monday again. ahhh.
my to-do list is insanely long.

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