Tuesday, July 07, 2009

concrete as my friend


You know like how sometimes you're just so overwhelmed by your problems,
and it seems like nobody gets you.
You end up wanting to be alone,
to not have to go through the stupid pains of explaining everything,
not have to go through the stupid pains of answering questions.
Yet when you're alone,
you're suddenly scared.
You could do with an assuring grip around those nervous, shaky hands.

2 highlights, the good and the bad.

First was that my special occassion speech was a success (: I din forget my lines, I made cexi shy X100000, i got the class laughing, i was surprisingly bold and ms hernie said it was a good job.
Was quite a waste i din do it with steve.
Would have had the maximised levels of corniness.

" Baby you are like the sugar and i'm like the donut.
we were meant to be ,
and without you life would be a lot less sweeter"

wellll, yeah. that was my extremely corny concluding line. I could feel cexi literally cringing in his seat even though he was like 2m away from me.
He was meant to be my groom.
So yes, i was a bride giving a speech dedicated to my groom.

Animal cruelty, Self-Injury or Eating disorders.
I cant decide.
All are so close to my heart and i feel very strongly for all.


Session at NYP. I thought them the 6 forms of YAMEDE.
i like YAMENAI :D
and shingshing taught us HAIYAKU and SUGOII.

everything was fine until i fell asleep and woke up.
And every thing came back.
When i'm fine, i'm fine.
But one small thing could just spark the whole controversial psychological cycle playing about in my mind.
pardon my sudden maximised vulgarity.
it get's quite tiring after a while,
Playing pretend.

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