Monday, July 13, 2009

only an option and going too far

Woke up today not knowing which day it was and had to backtrack on all the stuff i did before i realised it was a monday with school starting late.
This isnt the first time.

Felt as though i was having a panic attack during mgen lab quiz with my head feeling numb and getting really scared. Still managed to calm down after a while and i see a pass. I want more, i need more. I better slough my ass off for more.

3.44am. Having briyanni over msn and just feeling so grateful for him, for nana and for cummz.
Thanks nana for accompanying me for 2 hours standing outside the lift and just happily talking about sad stuff. Now we know that we're basically just the opposite sex of each other. Which is really sad when you think about it ): we both know why.
And to cummz for being there without questioning.

I drew the line at priority so why was i so foolishly stepping over?
I made it clear what i dint want, yet my wish came true in the worst way.
You kept your part, but i stupidly brushed aside my very own mental reminder unknowingly.
Once bitten twice shy.
But yet i'm making the same fucking mistake i made 4 years ago.
And i'm seeing the same dire consequences, slowly creeping back.
The only difference is, it's worst now and i'm catching myself before i fall again.
I think today was more than enough.
I went far enough to realise that this just screams bad.
Well, goodbye now i would say.
Goodbye to that , which you fucked up.
Really, whatever reason does not entitle the action.
back to pick up the pieces.

FB performance in 15 hours time.
First piece to pick up, to pick up from agm.
Awesome, i can feel it just thinking about it.
Hope it'll be the same when i'm up there.

Goodbye goodbye,
you made me go to far.

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