Sunday, July 19, 2009

douse sunday mornings with love


Saturday saw trainings at 10am with full realisation that my body control is really bad and that my knee problems might be coming back like sneaky dicky pricks. Went home and very excitedly got ready for the day with zambut and our red/black theme, sans extreme tackiness in absolute couple wear i hope. Waited for my dear prince(ss) for 2 hours and we finally met at bedok interchange and i was all yippee-yay-excited. All the way down to vivo where we window-ed shopped like, serious window-shopped. Suddenly shops that i never really paid much attention to like Zara, Ted Baker... Had such gorgeous pieces that were so... me. But the prices are a turnoff, irregardless of how enchanting a piece is, i guess i still have to be practical. Seeing all this material wants just makes me kinda , money hungry? Money does make the world go round. Window shopping with baby is fun, we tend to go mad over the same pieces and his walking capacity is higher than the average guy i'd think. Then we both fell in love with this snake twiney bracelet thing that was so sexy and unique. While couples go the usual ring/couple lab buys route, we deviate and go for snake bracelets. So in love with it, i swear. Happily with both our snakes around our wrists, we head down to bugis for.... neoprints!!! Because he promised i'd be an exception :). hurhurhur. Learnt that Baby has a ... camera shy shy side and that he doesnt know how to decorate neoprints. Still, i am a contented girl. Just the effort to make this small birthday celebration meant a lot to me. After which we gorged ourselves in steamboat and i feel guilty as hell because i am certified getting f-a-t-t-e-r. Neh.Neh. Finally ending the day with a long bus ride back to his crib with sudoku-like relationship talks. Which is, good, actually. Perplexing, complex. Yet highly satisfying. Understanding's the key. Nonsense-ed with kairui and finally..... with murmurings of sweet nothings and more nonsese, we sleep. Not peacefully, not soundly, but happily.... because we get to do our fave things :D

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