Friday, July 24, 2009

and they'll never have anything over me


My moment of strength is no different from my moment of weakness.

Small incident. But significant enough to trigger a long train of thoughts.
" One day, man will fail you"
That's what nana told me when we were talking quite a while back. It never got out of my head. I doubt it ever would. And it shouldn't. It doesn't matter who does, what happens after, how things were before, at that point of time when someone fails you, he fails you. Regardless of the merits and misses, when he fails you, he fails you.

The thing is , i'd never know when the tables will turn on me, when love could turn to hate, when the tides change and i end up being the one others fail. Vices. I'd never want anyone to have a vice of mine because when relationships sour, people get ugly. Time i tweaked my mindset a little more, pephaps a fair bit more cynical, a tinge more realistic. I've been seeing things happening as they are, yet sometimes i choose to sugarcoat them with denial. It's really time i stopped being dependent, because when people leave, I'd be left hanging and lost.

Riches and pretty faces make the world spin,
round, round, round.....

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