Sunday, July 26, 2009

I need more time.

2.49 am now. I'm tired. Physically, but mentally i'm madly awake. Right this moment, i wish i could go for 3 days without sleep- I've got to finish up my public speaking slides and perfect my speech, i've got to study for acm and ace it, i've got to pack and mail all the stuff, i've got to put up a new collection , i've got to dance. And no, this isnt some lament or complain of some sort. I'm actually looking forward to BEING ABLE ( note: BEING ABLE ) to complete all these. ha. what a dork.

It's going to be one mad month juggling assignments, exams, suntec and every thing else from looking after my pets to making time for the family and very importantly, baby. It's going to be a trying month for both of us ):

That aside, i just spent about 45min doing part of my powerpoint slides and writing up my speech. And you know what?

I'm scraping all that.

I feel quite mental that i'm toying with this idea and am actually going to carry it out.
The video.
It really really just tugged at my heartstrings because i felt so much for it, it's something i could relate to.
It is a risk, me trying to connect with the crowd emotionally.
A huge risk. But screw it, i'll take it.
Bye bye mildly flippant " psychological self-injury "parts...

So i'm pressing for time, why am i blogging? Because i need an outlet, before i combust from the stress.

And tonight i will go to bed with a heavy heart.
Because it fucking hurts. Damn badly to have things this way.

Man will fail you one day.
Weirdly enough, this is the one thing keeping me going.

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