Wednesday, June 17, 2009

See the horsies



Was 2 weeks ago...? To be honest, i wasnt exactly looking forward to it after hearing Doctor Rosni's case of broken ligaments. And that stayed in my mind everytime i thought of horse pract, guess it's good? cos i was extra careful.

The heat that day was horribly unbearable and being in dance gear isnt exactly the best thing to wear ... But yea, it was hella fun :D

And i never knew horses were THAT huge. The last horse, is Happy, used to be a racing horse. HE.IS.HUGE. Like just standing on all 4's he was like 1.9m? And is 5ookgO.O. I was damn scared at first, it's like any movement that he makes is HUGEEEE and like a small lil rub from him feels like a gigantic push (as told by cummz who got pushed . i mean. it's cummz. if he says the horse is strong, the horse IS strong ) I din even dare to get into the stable with him to put on the halter cos i kept thinking of Dr Rosni and her broken to many pieces knee. That was a mindf. Plus animals can feel when you're nervous. So i guess, play it safe.

Happy was like mr-popular. But my favourite was Midnight, whose still a stallion so he still has nuts. A lil grouchy, a lil unfriendly, very much not a people person. But i LOVED him. There's just something about me and underdogs. I'm just attracted to them.I guess i'm weird that way.

School starting is like 4 days. So not looking forward to it.
sigh, yet to pack my room still.
All my thoughts of mad sessioning and outings all goneee.
Gah i wanna meet jade. i miss her a hell lot.
I think i'm just getting more and more socially awkward each day.
When exactly was the last time i had that exact same feeling of talking to jade?
A long time ago.
Maybe, just maybe, it's not me. But what are the odds right?
I wanna go flea-ing/thrifting with jadey, that would be rad.

New York New York.
*sits in a corner and pouts*
everything just doesnt fit right enough for me, i hate that feeling.
i am so talentless at choreographing.
And those jibes.
welllll, a BIG F YOU TO YOUR FACE :)
even tho i'll never say that in real life because i am really, just a closet rebel ( aka ball-less)

On a lighter note, I love nana's twinkle little star choreo :D
The feel is *dope dope*.
And the bonding at each session and after.. :)

First modern class today after so long, it was a nice feeling.
I just kept pushing myself to stay focused because knowing my infamous housefly attention, i would just mess up everything otherwise.
And i could feel it (: i wanna keep improving.
There's just so so so so much more for me to work on.

Suntec training yesterday, i love my team (: at least i can be myself. i like that.

5am. yet to sleep.
back to editing photos.
and suckszzz to photobucket, bandwidth exceeded, i had to transfer the photos to a new account and edit kadanata entries.

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