Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's day with totoro


Totoro, picked by me for ahkong. Love that highly moronic chincilla face :3
and grandpa loved it too,soooo.... awesome (:


My grandpa is just too cute for words.

The day started at noon, headed over to All Saint's, checked grandpa out and off to Changi airport (:
Just a digression, but like Changi Airport is 3rd because our toilets arent clean enough._.
I don't know man, because from my memory, the toilets were so spanking clean, i could just roll around on the floor. Damn, the other 2 countries must have had gleaming, sanitised every-hour floors.
Those poor cleaners, i can just imagine some supervisor manically watching over them in absolute OCD fashion ):


Kor kor and ah kong when we just arrived.
And we headed to crystal jade, not much of a food critic but i don like crystal jade much.
The last time i went to the one at bugis, i remembered literally eating only one plate of veggies -___- because everything else was prawn prawn prawn prawn prawn.


mak mak! quite possibly the best godma in the world (: It's interesting mummy and her are sisters who look so alike yet so different.


still on the way to crystal jade...
and i wore my harem pants again today! i'm in love with them (: hope hoon's having fun with her piece too.
Tried on a tube with this monochrome checkered scarf first but mummy was like.. too much skin for the occasion. Next time!
That's baby's leopard print scarf :D and i need a haircut soon. My Pom hair is growing shapeless ( I know it doesn look like it has much shape/supposed to have shape but it does!!! ), and now it kinda looks like normal long hair. Gah. cookie cutter. Gah. The one up is i can tie my hair normally now, no more weird bunches of stray hair popping out everywhere.
We'll see, i'm starting to like my updo's alot.

haha and i know gladiators are sooo not in trend now.
That's exactly why i'm finally wearing them :D


Mummy and ahkong and my signature nail colour :D :D
The colour is so..... me.
( though not a very exact shade shown)
Plus exclusive, since specially concocted so..... muahahahahha.
Having silver nails and gold toes(accident) now, definitely a whole lot more fussfree.


To T3, and check out the scratches on my back.
Mak grabbed me when she almost fell when the skytrain jerked.
Neh.. it was the kind of burning searing pain but i din say anything.
Din know it was that bad until mak mak saw it and was like
i felt damn bad telling her that she scratched me. And in a bid to try and make her feel better, i almost blurted out something like " aiya, never mind, i'm okay with scars."
Mums would have killed me, so *phew*.
Lucky i dint!


Took many full family photos at that jungle looking area.
Went around minibits and helen, so tempted to buy so much stuff. But got turned off by the prices. I'm currently in saving mode :D And i CAN save pretty well if i want to. Haven't done my accounts ( Note: extremely basic, noob kind ) in a loong time. So i guess my bank's balance is what shocked me into saving. I'm fairly alright (: Money's slowly climbing back in.
Just that more than half of it is in cash.
And i hate banking in money. This sounds damn stupid, but i'm like that because i keep thinking about WHAT IF I LOSE THE MONEY ALONG THE WAY?!
soooo, yep.

Then it was secret recipe!!
The lobster bisque is ....... eeeyer.
But the marble cheesecake is good :D

Then it was ntuc , bought korkor's luggage ( lucky slut's going to taiwan ._. )and back home.

OH OH OH and at crystal jade we saw this damn Taiwan Triad Mafia Boss looking guy.
Swear! even his family fits that, mafia family look ( even the ahma ).
I just kept looking ( as discreetly as possible ), because it was so damn awesome.
Should stop people watching so much.

Kor Kor
" All you need now is heels and you'll look like a mafia taitai ( aisey, my honour :D ).
Wait wait, hold the luggage, HAHAH YOU LOOK LIKE A FREAKING TOURIST! "


That ends my father's day :D

Missed agm run and training yesterday to pray to papa.
15 years is a long time, So hard to imagine 15 years just flew by like that.
15 years ago, funeral, heartache, small girl, pity, tears...
It all seems to far away.
Yet i can still remember everything so clearly.

The same routine for the past 15 years,
and just like for every other thing, this year seems to be a year of realisation.
This time, i just kept thinking.
From the snaking of the incense smoke, to the amazing spread this year, to the heat from the flames, to the jokes and prayers to the pink roses.
Inexplicable, but i just felt something.

Happy fathers' day (: wish you were here.

Then it was the battle at night!
Fun Fun Fun. i wish we could session more, i love that feeling of just going with the flow.
And i learnt a bit more that night (:
Even though i took the last 2 battles because it was kinda no choice, i'm glad i din go out at the start.
Because i hate not being able to feel the music.
Can definitely do better the next time :D
I can't wait for the team to just grow together, winning/getting through or not, i just want to learn with them (:
*nana+ briyanni, jia you (: *

School in a few more hours time, like always, i'm not looking forward to it.
welllll, i packed my room though!
Half actually.
Because i only did like 3/4 of my wardrobe.
But oh well, helluva huge achievement because i never knew i had THAT many clothes.
Makes me happy, having them.
I know it seems kinda superficial, but don judge (:
You have your own trigger happy pills, i have mine.
And now, i'm even happier seeing everything so nicely packed!!!! Like i'll open the wardrobe to just look at my clothes nicely folded/ hung ( the jacket cupboard is visual orgasm! ),and feel happy! :D :D :D :D
Much more to conquer, maintain audrey, maintaaaaain.

I just realised, something.
Okay not just, but the thought kinda finally manisfested itself into something more solid(?).
Yea, sort of.
Like people who read my blog would actually learn more about me than they ever would in real life.
It's funny, how i open up to this cyber space more as compared to people.
Guess all these stemmed from my concern on the social awkwardness?
Can't quite put a finger to it.
Someone once told me i seemed to have an alter ego.
Maybe it'll seem fake to some,
but i beg to differ.
I don't think there's a oh this is the real me side to things.
Both me here, and me when you talk to me.
I'm the same person.
All those traits, all me.
It's just an extension of my personality and which side i choose to reveal.
And it's also how i'm better with words than speech.
I fumble, trip over my words, grapple with my thoughts when i try to relay my feelings and intentions into speech.
But in words, it's just type type type/write write write,
and everything just... flows.
Fits into place.
Matches my sentiments.
Zero frustration at expression. And i like that (:

Time to go pack my stuff, pack some mails,
it's a long day ahead later.

Been trying, been failing, but i have to.
Have to stop putting myself down so much and to just start believing.
thanks briyanni :D
good luck, health, virility ( keep it with you alright? )

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