Thursday, June 25, 2009

I dont need to steal kisses


Stress stress stress. Not just agm, but everything else piling up.
Suddenly i find myself frantically trying to squeeze in this and that and this and that into my mental planner.
Sometimes i just think " one life to live, i don't want to waste my life bumming around"
sometimes it's " one life to live, phug it, no point getting so uptight ".
mental battle, no?

But i'm excited though. Definitely excited when the image of everything falling into place comes to mind, but the possible downsides....? nada. zone in on zero hype.

For now, i'm choosing to squeeze an insane lot into my plate, quite possibly driving myself up the wall... but i feel reckless. i feel the need grab hold of everything and just force myself. Push to the limits and if i fail... lesson learnt right?
if i complain like a whiny bratty child, just give me the evil eye.
because i kind of asked for it.

gah. so this is my attempt at trying to be the superwoman i once was long long ago.
i hope i dont fall too badly.
I hope my little flicker of passion is enough to get me through (:

accent accent accent.
* drools from mouth while thinking*
How to add in that , that ... thing.
That right accent, that right control.
more so, how do i teach the rest to get it?
I just end up failing pretty god damn badly, still, i will keep trying.

all my random thoughts aside...
heh heh heh. my AA stuff arrived :D
and if i had money, m) phosis will be raided by me.
i want to pick up crocheting again.
HAHA bet none of you ever knew i knew how to crochet, in p4 that is ._.
or knitting, or very hopefully dressmaking ( but it is madly expensive).
Money does make the world go round.

okay back to wrecking my brains over what to do.
finally, most of it all off my chest.

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