Sunday, June 28, 2009


And thank you so much to briyanni and nana for queueing up so early (:
we got atas 3rd row from the front seats!!
I could see the faces of all the performers clearly, this i like. SHOHEI!!!!!
But shohei was kinda off, definitely not his best.
But he is still dance god in my eyes :D tho i must say yokoi is not very far behind.

It's the *gasp* kinda a lil cant breathe feeling.
I honestly feel kinda silly?
But yea, i get starstruck seeing all the dope dancers on stage.

Missed agm training today, screw my phoneline.
I'm always missing messages here and there and i hate it, because i can just imagine being the other person who sent out the sms and din get a reply/ din get the message across.
Seriously cant wait for my plan to end then i can happily change to something else.
I will train extra hard tmr!

That aside, i'm really looking forward to the upcoming performances :D
Even though my life now is teetering on the verge of mild hysteria,i think i should be able to handle a lil more.
I think.
Progress has been okay, been trying to do accordingly even though i get distracted here and there.
I always need small reminders here and there, and today was a classic example.
Nana unknowingly became my reminder,
" You like can already what, why care..... "

Being true to myself.
I sidetrack from this alot.

I'm the first person to test out zambut's driving! (:
It's nice having your own transport i guess, but i kinda like seating in the backseat with ZO more.
I usually just space out when seating in front and that's what happened, and the distance...

this coming week shall get better?
with all the main dance events punctuating my schedule all gone.
damn it.

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