Wednesday, June 03, 2009


it's 4.34, and i'm kinda kinda getting started on acm ._.
it's okay. no cause for panic, quality not quantity. ha.ha.ha.ha.

it's gonna RAIN SOON.
for the past 2 days, it's been raining early in the mornings and i love it.
since i'm studying during the mornings,
love it when the weather gets so cold, i exclaimed to many people today
hahaha so anyway when it started raining yesterday early morning,
i literally just stood at my window so that i could get the cold air ._.

and just the other day, i dreamt i emailed baby to tell him my house had aircon and i never realised it before! goddamnit, it felt damn real!!!!

i love cold weather.
just no rain on my sentosa trip, nooooo. i've been fantasising about it for days.
back to cats, dogs, pigs, cows, housing....... gah.

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