Monday, June 01, 2009

3.09 in the morning and i'm studying mgen and taking a break.
my laptop is finally fixed after a whole year -___- sigh, the extent of my procrastination.
all thanks to my bro, even tho i know he actually has a hidden agenda to fix it for me.
but oh well, anything beats having to go all the way down to the other side of singapore.
i hate it when i have to fix my gadgets, absolutely hate it.
my phone is still happily lying on my dressing table, it's been a month pffffffffffffffft.i have zero affinity with gadgets, zilch.

AIMM today was................gah. i felt liBoldke the epic noobcake of the century.
and i fell in the lt, like my leg went through in between the lt steps and the chair.
awesome much?? ):
and cexi still went
" haha never mind one lah, you so much flesh. wont be painful"
nb, diet time.

i cant wait for the end of commontests. have so many things i wanna complete (as always) and i hope this time i'll actually get down to doing everything. the blogshop, packing my wardrobe, packing my room, trying to clean up my house, shopping ( wheeee), earning money, outings, meeting JADE LEE XINYI I MISS YOU, sessioning, dance dance dance and more dance, family, dance..... and hopefully, i can finally use my sewing machine :D

i need to find my inner dork asap, must.pull.up.gpa.
and i feel like eating caifan now,
hungry ):

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