Sunday, May 03, 2009

when people don't bother trying to understand,
don bother explaining.
because it aint worth any of my time or effort.
or my exasperation, desperation and tears for that fucking matter.
i don't mix well with hostility.

that aside, i have a lot to prove now.
a whole lot.
i have to do this, even if it means pushing me so much that i feel the insane stress of walking on a tightrope.
independence, it's time i stopped hanging words off my mouth,
but just leaving them as they are.
leaving them as words, things to be done put on pending.
wake up call.

that aside, ko night was a good experience.
thanks niger, for giving me this one chance.
it's really overwhelming knowing what ben said,
yet at the same time, i feel damn sorry for letting you down.
i will learn to slow down, i will learn to feel the music (:

sometimes risks are just meant to be taken.
and the one thing that you put on the line to take that risk,
could jolly well be your happiness.
but do it anyway, you live once.

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