Monday, April 06, 2009

GEMS 4 : Fairy our tale.

i'll never forget that feeling on stage, it was entirely different from any emotions that i've had for any other performance. Tons of ups and down and at the end of the day i'm glad for everything that has occurred along the way. I got my breakthrough, however small and easy it is for others, it was a huge task for me.

I finally feel myself really dancing and really feeling something for dance, everything else i felt from the past just feels so insignificant now. maybe soon enough, i'll have enough courage to truely chase what i really want. thanks leycia, your sms really really hit me on a spot that mattered (:

Just really glad the whole production was a success, it was almost exactly how i pictured it to be (: and i cant imagine anyone else being the cast, other than those chosen. they were really really wonderful (:

when the curtains fell, i just teared with happiness. when meiqi and joey hugged me and said those stuff, i really really literally burst into tears. it really meant so much to me to have those words from them. it's not going to be easy to achieve that, but i'll definitely try. and maybe when i finally feel that way in dance, i will feel that way about myself.

a long way to go, thank you all who came down to support.
to all the dancers, to gin, to ryan, thank you for making it all happened (:
photos up next time!
once i actually get past the shock of the 342 emails that i have from facebook.

so this fairy tale of us dancers has come to an end.
it's time for me to get back to reality.
if only i could compartmentalize my life , like how cells do.
that would be wonderful really, that would really just make my life so much easier.
and that would be another classic case of me trying to run away.

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