Monday, March 30, 2009

it's been so long, so much so that i thought i was going through yet another serious phase of emotional detachment and this time, really reverting back to then. i was wrong, it was really comforting albeit the fact that it was unexpected, inappropriate and embarrassing. But i feel a whole lot better now. It was definitely a miss in getting what i meant and truely felt, but i'm grateful nonetheless.

today i had two instances of conversations on frequency levels ( communication sense ) and i realised the utter parallel contrast. it's like they'll never meet so you'll never hit if off, like that. Weathered people, mmmhhhmmm. definitely a yes.

i strongly believe that with the nature of things put into consideration, judgements were probably made beforehand so it wouldnt have mattered whether or not i did. As oblivious as i may seem to my surroundings, i'm really not that effing stupid to not notice the amiosity. sigh FTFS . Too trusting but ,definitely, this is not a place for it. and the only counter attack ? is to be the contrary to popular belief.

and like,

i just saw the vid of sessioning at zhilin's place, we are waaaaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaay waaaay too idiotic for words. but it was great (: and rb and i half managed a flip! wheee. this is progress, because before that i had the tendency verge on the point of putting rb's life in danger. I WONT LET YOU DOWN OKAY RB :D. rb's done his part, now my turn to do my part. and thank you leslie! i really appreciate it!

concert countdown. gah, nerves.

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