Thursday, January 29, 2009


knock me out.

in 20 mins. that's what these babies are capable of. sad to say, that's what they did last night WHEN I NEEDED TO PREPARE FOR MY CSAS. ): i've actually never had drowsy medication before so the drowsy feeling was weird. it wasn't the gaaaah-eye-lids-cant-open kinda tired, but the my-head-is-damn-heavy kinda tired.

and, it wasn't comfortable. at all.
i just din like the sleep i got from it, my limbs felt weird and i was restless yet tired.

sigh. and i screwed up csas, nuff said.

i wish a damn in-your-face epiphany would deliver itself to my door step and bang to wake me up.

i'm in need of it. i really am.

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