Thursday, January 22, 2009

beat me up inside.

aweesommeeeeeee I GOT MY CSAS TOPIC TITLE!!!!!!!
it's 2.19am now and i'm still not done.
have not studied for bmic and aap, oh shit nerd lost in transit.
because this is like IT.
if i fail bmic and aap, i mug my ass off and score full marks for exams * BEAMS *.
nothing is impossible, like how i'm in denial.

and as i was saying, CSAS IS IMPORTANT NOW cos my slides and all are final submission. and
it's like my storyboard for fashion, 6 whole hours but i was damn satisfied.
like my bag design at 3am - damn satisfied.
see the procrastinator-perfectionist trait?

and i finally have inspiration like YES THIS IS IT I WILL WRITE THIS kind.
and ninipoo, i don really know how to make the words on powerpoint fade in.
..l.. ^-^ ..l..

oh oh and for the title.
well, we're doing on self-injury (aaaaah how close to home ).
and i'm doing the part whereby self-injury does not = emo kid sit in corner slashing wrist.
( even closer to home )
which rocks. i love having topics that i are like WHAM! personal to me.
like yea man! i can feel this, and imma pour my heart out (:
makes me feeel waaaay more comfortable. and kills the jitters.

which explains the " beat me up inside"
okay i'm not sure if it's grammatically correct but HECK!
this feeels riiiiiigggghhhttttttt.

jadey invited me to shopping tmr, but i cant go ):
because school ends at 6. SIX. which means i also miss CCHMS cny. BUMMER.
i miss jadey. every time i'm at paya labar mrt i think of her, she used to be my go home partner every single day.

when i get my sewing machine, this are the stuff i wanna TRY to make
1) pleated skirt jumper
2) right length maxi dress
3) basic tanks to my liking
4) tube dresses
5) weird stuff with all the clothes that i no longer want

well, try!

i just saw liting's blog and i think i'm the audrey so yep,
here goes.
10 random facts about me( will do the rest another time ),

1) i have violent tendencies ( esp towards cummy e.g: biting )
2) i have the attention span of a housefly
3) i always misplace my things
4) i love looking at the sky, daynightduskdawn
5) i wanna learn popping and attempt to fuse it with reggae.
6) i have food phases: currently, it's barely cooked meehoonkuay, with lesser meehoonkuay and more soup.
7) i don like staying alone at home at night, because i'm afraid of ghosts and my extreme imagination does not help.
8) my mind is more warped and perverse than you think it is ^-^
9) i currently do not like the sun
10) i love perthy weather which was here a while ago.
11) i'm easily swayed
12) i'm not bimbotic, i'm just that tad blur. while you see me stoning and going HUH?! O.O a million and one things are going through my mind and it's...PROFOUND.
13) i know this is more than 10 but i suddenly have a lot of random facts
14) i wish i could upsize my cats
15) i want to keep an iguana
16) i want my nape piercing but i'm scared my $$ will go down the drain cos of dance ( i wanted ring snake bites too )
17) i've been coveting that maori tattoo for one year now
18) my son will be called aizon
19) i actually wanted to call him LLYOD TRIESTINO ( but everyone told me they'll laugh at my son ):):): )
20) i want to go to japan
21) i wanna go to bkk for shopping
22) i miss perth
23) i am more insecure than male whales ):
24) i like how my mum is so open about sex
25) i like high school shows HA
26) i feel damn conscious when people touch my legs
27) i'm damn scared i'll squash the girls in modern dance
28) i actually like doing quizes like this
29) i love hugs!!!!!
30) i'm damn damn damn afraid of offending people.

that's like 30, for pure fun and for release of crap.

i have not done my CNY shopping.

thinking of wearing this. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

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