Saturday, January 24, 2009


and so dance was quite a torture with the raw throat, coughing and breathlessness. horrible horrible feeling, like i suddenly woke up sick. guess it's been the lack of rest like 3-4 hours of sleep a day. couldn catch the seniors choreos at all, which really sucked cos i liked it alot.
and nana was going all " NO CHICKEN! " again hahaha, which is like the third time.
i hate being sick at wrong times!

like half a day gone to meetups, and all the girls were really nice pretty.

like just last week i think, i wrote about wanting the wallet but not buying it cos it was $27.90?
phew. lucky i waited, lucky i thought about impulsive spending.
because i got my wallet this week at $8.30.
and it was the only colour for that design which was on sale , awesome.
like so many girls went to look but put it back after a quick glance, it is weirdly comforting that nobody else likes it. there were like 30 over pieces?
it was the only thing that wasnt wiped out from the sales :D

i still cant get enough of the fact that it went from $27.90 to $8.30.
i am cheapo like that, but it makes me happy :D

my 2 year old zen stone plus has officially died on me.
i will miss how small and lightweight it is. it's like perfect for exercise and dance cos it's so small.
oh well, now i can finally watch dance vids on the go, add it a whole lot of songs, NOT HAVE TO PAINSTAKINGLY SEARCH FOR MY SONG BY PRESSING FORWARD.
cummy, gordon and kesh
120gb. this is heaven. but first, i need to learn how to work itunes ._.
i hate having to learn new stuff about technology.

after getting back from city hall with my bro, everything just went downhill.
met mummy at tm/cs and went to hunt for shoes.
downhill like my body got way worse, temperature shot up and that semi-fever feeling came.
wouldn have bought any shoes if mumsy din come and like "cajole" me to get something. time to plan on what i want to spend on, wisely :D
so far so good, nothing regretted.

felt so horrible when i got home that all i did was go into the room and just hug this pillow for a good 20 min at least, could practically feel the heat radiating.
cauli was amazing sweet even tho i was half dead, like taking lemsip for me and getting warm water, i din even ask. i was just lying there, lolling around practically smoshed.
awwww, i feel loved :3

and thank you kessssshy.
i'm in need of hugs, life is that tad boring without cummy around.

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