Saturday, December 06, 2008

you are getting on my nerves. yes you. what work goes wrong i have nothing to do with it, when you meet with shit people it's not my fault. i try my best to be the best, you don't ask for it but i still do.

as much as i love you. i'm beginning to dislike you. how you don't ever listen to what i have to say.
i know i'm younger but that doesn make me any more ignorant.
we could be saying the say thing but you'll lap his up.

i swear, familarity does breed contempt.
once i'm around you all the time, i'm taken for granted.
saw it once, it's happening again.

and i love you for not being like them, yet.
because i really, never , ever know.

i'm not exactly glass kids who repel criticism like it's a hammer smashing down on them.
i may not react really well, but i'm certain i don over react or react negatively.
watch your words and your tone.
most importantly, your intention.
just because i'm not the kind of girl who'll speak my mind and break your heart, it doesn mean i can't see it.
as much as i may not seem to be mature, i've seen more of the world than most of them. and please stop taking advantage of my vice. somtimes it's a blessing in disguise but really, it can be such a bane.

respect. earn it.

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