Sunday, December 28, 2008


I'm feeling sad and in denial. it's 1.52am = school in a few hours but i don want to sleep and wake up and realise that I MUST STUDY. so.torturous ): ):

the holidays werent exactly fufiling but they werent bad either (: i've not done/bought anything i regretted. okay, i regret NOT doing some stuff but never mind. in fact i managed to strike off quite a lot of stuff from my to-do/to-buy list.

but i probably grew fat. boing. anyway, thanks to zc for trying to cheer me up! and so sorry that i cant make it to the overnight sessioning, i've been too slack with work. next time okay! must must must ask me to go!

haha and also thanks to nana for helping me promote :D when are we going to have our training?!

flying solo for the blogshop now , so it's really quite tedious. but i actually really really do love what i'm doing (: though i must say it's really hard to keep hyper about it all the time when things arent like fantastic. but i'll try my best. it's really something that caught my interest :D:D:D:D:D

have new stocks for the blog. like YAAAAAAY. we'll see how digi cam photos go, otherwise it's DSLR maybe? gotta thank phy for it! anyway, have updated with ONE item so far (: cos i managed to find it on topshop's site, it's an almost exact replica! save for the buttons ._. so goooo support!!!! early bird offer for that piece (:

plus i'll sell the stuff i make too. got a current beady/pearly obsession now. shall post up photos of some random stuff i made for fun :D that is once i get my camera charger!!! in times like this, i hate my house. it practically swallowed my charger, it's nowhere to be found.

my cam. but verrry verrrrrry verrrrrry sadly, it's pink. like this really, sweet saccharine, shimmery PINK. but oh well, i got it at the IT show for much lesser than it is so i cant complain.

and the funny thing? the guy who sold the cam to me works at the shop i'm buying my charger from! plus it's not the, oh-this-is-where-to-go-if-anything-goes-wrong-kinda-thing. i chanced upon this shop while i was walking around in chinatown. the world is so small....

well, till then this blog is pretty deprived of photos.
good night, i'm off to bathe in cold water. yet another thing i hate about my house.

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