Thursday, December 25, 2008

Vintage for me.
was in a horribly downer mood, thinking about how i've let loose of my life and am currently drowning in all the regret yadayada how fat/ugly i am and all the normal stuff that gets to me.

and then i found the time to do like the weirdest things. or more like finding stuff to do at the weirdest time. having the sudden urge to study at 3 am when i feel like sleeping, needing to pack my room when i need to study....

I RUMMAGED MY MUM'S CLOSET! more like rummage her very very sadly neglected clothes stored away in some cupboard which she never ever opens. like really, never ever. she just digs her clothes out of the giant mountain that's blocking all her cupboards.

only managed to get to the outer most cupboard and i am already in heaven.

vintage i tell you. like vintaaaaagggggeeee. it's like some freaking ticket to the past.
and the funny thing?
i've seen how some of her dresses have actually hit the runway. like fashion houses actually model their designs from the past.
gone with the new and in with the old. quite literally.

even though my house is cramped and so not your dream house in any way, there's fun in it. fun in digging things out from the past and the absolute happiness of finding items i lost like eons ago. e.g MY BELOVED BLACK CURVE CUT FBT. .___. ha i know. i haven seen them in a year! finally found them in my mum's closet.

one of the nicest/most interesting/ most impressionable finds i had today was
1) the cheongsam my mum wore for her wedding
2) the dress my mum wore on her FIRST DATE WITH MY DAD. LIKE EONS OR WHAT?
3) japanese kimono inspired robe

and a ton of dresses and jackets, definitely somewhere near 20?
i doubt i'm going to get like ab-so-fabulous comments from everyone but not that i'm going to be that bothered anymore, if anybody stares i'm going to stare right back.

i guess the life is one whole bitchfest. as downright dumb blonde this may sound, i rather be in bimbo land than in bitchfest life. all the backstabbing i've seen, catty comments i've heard, oh-so-fake smiles and disgusting canoodling. it gets to me. which is besides the whole point. more like SOUR GRAPES??

i noticed how, in-a-box singaporeans are in the sartorial sense. if they don look cookie-cutter, DISCRIMINATE THEM! GIVE THEM THE BITCHY ONCE OVER and giggle in the highly clique-ish way. but i guess, if one can work it, then anything goes (:
recently realised that the reason why i don like certain cookie cutter stuff is cos i know i'd never look good in some of them.

anyway, was cleaning the room with C just now.
and he sat on the ikea stool and just stared at my wardrobe.
and on probing he went.

" you really have a lot of clothes."
" i wonder how long you can go without washing clothes" .

i.are.a.bit.sad/ defensive.

in an inexplicable way. like your one shirt would be like my 3 shirts?
haha maybe even ten if i'm doing songandsong.

okay am sleepy and forgot what i wanted to say. so night!.


japanese street fashion for you?

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