Tuesday, December 23, 2008


well soon to be anyway, like another one day and one hour more. not that i'm very very much ecstatic or anything, i guess it's just the novelty of it. The thing that sets christmas apart from chinese new year, is that the joy and novelty of it has YET to wear off. YET. plus the fact that i'm not obligated to spend xmas with stupid, gossipy, big-headed relatives which i absolutely dislike to the bone ( am still extremely polite and nice to them to be politically correct ), like CNY.

so YAY. AND THE BEST PART IS THE OPENING OF PRESENTS! ha. i'm still like a lil kid.

AND TMR IS MR CAULIBEAM'S 21 BIRTHDAY AND I HAVEN GOTTEN HIM ANYTHING. sigh and whatever happened to the chalet, and whatever awesome birthday hotel trip they were planning? i've sincerely gotten quite sick of all the hope bubbles all these years. IT'S MY BROTHER'S 21 BIRTHDAY. and all we're giving him is a morning celebration after which he will go spend time with joe, drinking beer, no doubt. WHAT HAPPENDED TO THE GF?!!!!!!!!!!! at least last year we even had din tai fung. oh well, but i'll be getting him stuff in the morning together with C.

the past few days have been quite tiring.

the background dancer thing for mediacorp was damn tiring.

but i'm glad i got the nighttime slot still though, got to know quite a lot of people and the fact that i din have to toast in the sun like the afternoon people actually makes me very happy. like 6 to 3 am is no joke. but it was still fun, meeting the actors were a.okay i guess. not much of a biggie. but they were nice (: and surprisingly down-to-earth.

and then i overslept the next morning and woke up at 2 -.- MISSING RYAN'S LESSON!!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT. damn the choreo for womanizer was like WHOA man WHOA. i want to dance that during the concert next year.

am waaaay ecstatic about next year's concert. LOVE the theme. and if funds werent a prob i'd imagine it in this absolutely extravagant and mind-blowing thing with those whirly sparklers that always end off the concert.

but the theme = no reggae and no jstyle hiphop = I ARE SAD.

but i guess it's time to break out of my comfort zones no matter how much i hate it.

and on sunday... I STAYED AWAKE TILL 7 AM.


they were having 50% off. and even with the conversion of currency and all , everything would still be damn cheap.

see. sometimes it's good to be a impulsive buyer. you save yourself a lot of time.

so in the end after many many hours. i decided.

OKAY I WILL GET MY ITEMS = i pair of shoes + 2 LRG shirts ( 20 each with shipping. AWESOME NO? ).

and i woke up the next morning to the spree organizer's email that

THE TWO SHIRTS IN L AND XL WERE SOLD OUT. i hate small t-shirts.

not normal shirts or tanks and other tops.
just small male-cutting shirts.
anything smaller than L irritates me when i get male-cuttings.

so i hope the shoes arent out of stock and that the girl will refund me the money for my shirts soon. because i still have a lot of stuff i wanna buy. these two weeks have been COTTON ON madness. been getting almost everything with my shopping money from cotton on.


and these are some of the stuff that caught my eye on eBay US. damn the stuff they have is so much nicer than singapore's. was practically drooling over the vintage bags they had there. but it isnt that practical to order it cos it's really troublesome. erm ya i know that license plate is just weird, but it's kitschy!

and i spent the whole day on monday out with my mum visiting relatives. it was so hectic and not very enjoyable but i guess it's the right kinda thing to do even tho i missed the party. it's been so long since i last accompanied my mum.

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd. today was spent like resting, thinking about stuff, talking things out, thinking about stuff. and where i really wanna go, what i really wanna do. whether this and that are worth it all not. sometimes it's so sad when i really think about stuff and i realise that a lot of things i've been trying to work for are just getting shittier and i don know if i should just continue. i hate the what it's damn wasted kinda feeling, it's like an invisible obligation tying me down and it really sucks sometimes.

the sad delusional part of me just wishes that when i'm sincere about something, it'll just go my way. the sad delusional part anyway.

and tentatively, this is the shoe that will be mine.
i know it's not mindblowingly gorgeous but i like that it's pretty muted down, and neon laces should do the trick (:

anyway. it says :
The Attitude Hi in Black and Purple brings you back to a legendary basketball style of inimitable notoriety with a full grain leather upper for comfort and soft feel; glow-in-the-dark details for street style; textile lining for comfort

sounds pretty good for dancing (: i love high cuts! i'm sacrificing my really high cut sneakers for this baby. if it's OOS then i'll just get my money back and get the sneakers.

and that's about it, had a really nice long chat. time to turn in, get ready for tmr.
and school on monday is something i don look forward to, bloody miser of a school. what's up with all the stupid assignments? they don ever get the true meaning of holiday do they?

over again.
you found my weak spot (:

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