Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a million and one things to do. but i can still find fun and joy!


partially done with one. should be able to update the bs by tmr! (: i hope the response for this one would be good. ahhhh but the pics ): they never ever do the things justice right? i so wish i had a studio plus dslr. if only vee could help me! next time when i know she's less busy, hopefully it's possible.

thanks to the one person who helped me out absolutely the most and when i was on the verge of hysterics. very muchly grateful (:

and thanks to zsa for agreeing to help me though i think i shant bother you now and since i got this done. i really feel bad having to rely on other people so much to help me through my little venture. but i'm really happy regardless of how tiring and demoralizing it is sometimes. i've really learnt alot.

though still lamenting the fact that my pictures arent as O.O as i wanted them to be ):
oh well. it's gonna be a few hours of absolute hardwork.
plus my essay.

skipped the sessioning in school even though it's like TOOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.
open studio to do whatever we want! bah. i wanna get well first esp when i know all too well what exercising when ill can do to one.

back to ittttttt.

oh oh plus i'm going to update the playlist. i swear listening to it at one shot on repeat is NAUSEATING.i think it's the The Brilliant Green overload. it sounded nicer with different kinds of music fragmenting it. it's like i'm getting a headache listening from it. i was looking only for Rainy Days Never Stays but i found the rest and thought. Aye not bad!

bad choice.

I AM LE CHUBS. must start to lose weight soon.

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