Tuesday, December 16, 2008


BUFFETS ARE FATTENING. ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.

that was early celebration for c's birthday! wheeee sakura buffet. everytime i go for a buffet or when i'm around good food.

i'll fantasise and wish

1) my metabolic rate was 10,000
2) my digestion rate was fast
3) i was super rich.


i swear i come out with the weirdest snippets of ideas when fantasising about the ideal life i want.

plus i always wanted to be able to stop time and teleport.
i know i'm weird that way. I'M STILL THINKING ABOUT IT YO.

c said that it's actually a type of pyschological prob formed from being unhappy and deprived. like thinking too much about a better life and a perfect life and about such things that would make it perfect THOUGH IT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. haha well, it's not hard to see why i'm like that then. but ooooh wellllll, we're all a lil psycho inside aren we?

and i really really like how c is so knowledgeable. i swear, all these things will catch my attention. something out of the books something that not many people know, it's like you don even need to be well-read , you just need to know stuff and remember them when someone else says something. i dunno, it's captivating? like how he tells me about how difficult it is to rear oysters/lobsters ... ahhhh you the drift...

and i'm becoming more accepting of my looks ya like WTH? like i'm still equally critical but more accepting. it's like having a super rude,irritating to the ass friend but you still take him for who he is. I KNOW I HAVE TO APPRECIATE WHAT I HAVE. because i rather have what i have now, then not have them at all. but it's human nature right? you learn to be contented but if you can have better, why not?

i'm never ever critical o judgemental about others looks so why am i that way to myself?
i really dislike it when people diss others based on their looks.
it's really not as funny as it seems.

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