Monday, December 15, 2008


"..dream a little dream of me.."
so many things to do. so many things i want to do well.
and so many dreams going over runneth.
i want to make this holidays a fruitful one.

and like phew. i'm like 1/3 done with kdbs stuff. hopefully i can complete EVERYTHING latest by wed and i hope hardwork pays off, i sincerely do. quite sadly, the first 2 attempts were flops): . it's like a child dreamy of candy and getting cough-syrup instead? gee i really do hope i get my candy this time. i'm so sincere about it. but regardless, i love what i'm doing, it really does make me happy.

and like what doug said in Saints and Soldiers
" he was so sincere about it, i really thought he wouldn't die"
oh my gosh, pleeeease don let me down this time.

aaaaaand! a big thank you to zsa and randolph for coming down.
reaaaaaaally, really valued opinions.
hur hur but i still love my vintage in everysenseoftheword dress and the black cropped tee.

can you believe it? it's officially THE FIRST day of my two weeks break and i was worrying about the START OF A NEW TERM during my shower O.O. really, i need to stop being such a grump towards myself. then again, with my to-do list like insanely long, plus dance training and SCHOOLEFFINGPROJECTS!%$!*$#%Z%!#Z$(&, i guess i should be worrying like one wheeee bit. do not even go near common test results.

the birthdays of the two most important men in my life.
one is looming so near i feel like garfield looking at his birthday calendar ):
i wish my sewing machine was here already!!
and my x'mas eve baby is supposed to have an absolute BANG.
like it's the grand TWO ONE.
AND NO SKILL FOR HIS ONIGIRI CAKE (due since last year).

plus dance camp,
leadership project,
two one party,
birthday, birthday,

good night.

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