Saturday, December 13, 2008


i love scenery like this.
my ultimate dream is to see the aurora borealis.

updated playlist with more songs (:
i've been thinking of a whole lot of songs to update and when i finally get down to it. I CANT RMB MUCH. but the linkin park song is great (:

FB concert was dope.
missed the first 4 items ): INCLUDING ALEX'S! SO SORRY! hope my sms was in time.

i've been thinking about modern alot.
i love the feeling of dancing it, i feel like i can catch the essence but i know i will never look as good as those willowy girls. aesthetics really do play a part):
if i were to choreograph a modern piece i'll think along the lines of Lullaby, You and Me, Homeless and I'll be.

i'm looking forward to the dancing for dance camp! and i hope the bgdancer thing will go off well (: and i hoppeeee i can be a good, okay fine, an acceptable teacher to johnson. i'm so unsure of myself i don't know how i can teach him but i'll try. A GUY WHO WANTS TO LEARN DANCE AND DOESN MIND REGGAE. awesome (:

there's 彩虹 on my playlist. makes me think of prom night.
malan me and c- outside gotham, with the song on replay till 4am in the morning.
that's probably the reason i liked it so much, otherwise i doubt i'll notice it much. malan i miss you! if you're reading this, we wanted to go find you yesterday when we were in orchard but both of us din know how to walk to FEP -____-.

it's cold now, time for some snuggling.

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