Monday, October 20, 2008

reply to tags!
changed the skin and in the mean time there wont be any tag board because small tag boards step on my toes and i like this skin.
gaaaaah, it took me so long to resize the playlist and it's still crappy ._.
* exasperated * !
i have to learn to be more tech savy in every sense.
and the picture! T_T it's so out of shape and weird looking, face included.
i just realised i'm an aesthetics mild perfectionist.

like shit, my IE just died on me so now i don know where my tagboard's past post has gone to, plus i forgot my account so like... erm. hey goes trying to rmb everyone who tagged.

JJ - i'm still trying to feel good inside out! (: anyway , i like your colourful stuff!

Joey- hur hur i'm alright now (: just those moments where by everything wrong comes at the same time and i feel like killing myself! but you can still treat me to coffee :D

Ahlee - i feel happy when i see you smile too you know! you have that very kaixinguo feel! plus i'm in love with your hair! see you on sunday!

tivonna- YAAA!!!! so cruel right!

fion- i miss dancing AFTER PARTY BABY DROP!

jasmine oon- YAY i'm fine now, thanks so much for the concern! i hope your ankle is better, come back and dance soon!

other jasmine- hur hur! erm erm i know you tagged ah, but i cant rmb what! soooo, see you in dance!!! (:

alex- thanks :D and honestly if i could self sustain by making necklaces, i'd gladly do! waaah waaaah. somebody is seeing hearts everywhere HAHAHA!

chante- aw thanks (: i love your blogskin, albeit the fact that it's pink. damn you're good with the editing of skins and all the html stuff. i'm hopeless!

hsome- thanks for the concern! shucks, i shall stay with coloured clothing then! it'll be worse if my clothing was patches here there and everywhere haha!

samansarii- HELLLOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i din know my blog was so findable! haha

ehhh. i think that's all. if i forgot to reply yours, don get hurt! i really just cant seem to remember!

loved yesterday's recital routine (: saturday's hiphop was disastrous. i hope tmr's hiphop and wed's modern would be better. i cant wait for art fest to come, i hope both reggae and HH2 can dance!

he surprised me with the messenger bag i've been coveting for erm a few weeks now.
went back like 3 times, including today. stepped in, asked the price and just left. Then he went to get it. awwww man, he is the sweetest boy and the best brother.

" cummy ! when you look at me, supposing you just know me in my current mode and everything, what GPA do you think i have?! "

" ehhh .......... ONE "

" haha okay i shall strive to be a smart bimbo ( damn oxymoronic ). like people look at me and think i'm damn stupid but my GPA is actually FOUR. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!

anyway i think you look like you have a GPA 2.8. because you have those I DON GIVE A SHIT face but at the same time you look damn smart, so even without studying you can get 2.8 "

Blur and bimbo is but a line of difference. I am obviously the former.

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