Tuesday, October 21, 2008

this is how much my brother loves me, like awwwwww -___-

FASHION CDS IS AWESOMEEE. at least for now i guess, beats leadership any day plus i have kesh! in leadership tutorial, i have no idea whom i know would be there.


daaamn, you girls make me so happy. kesh and i had the longest talk like since forever and yes zsa.. YOU ARE A WOMAN. and i'll sail beside you too! and i'll invite you into my lil bubble anytime (: i'll invite both of you.

today's lesson was fun (: i wonder what it feels like to be able to dance as well as rahim, it's not just the techinique, it's the feel and accent and expression. that's where i find that he owns even certain instructors flat. It's like abundant expressions even when he's teaching! Aty is awesome too (: IT IS AN ADVANTAGE TO HAVE BIG EYES!

kesh! let's work hard this sem and see how it all works out. Maybe, THIS IS THE RIGHT CHOICE AFTERALL.

shiiiiit. my flavour of live song is in some techno weirdass version and i din knowww! but i'm too lazy to change stuff today so like shiiiit.

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