Monday, September 22, 2008

oh geeezz.

i almost died in dance today.
but xuehui's lesson is fun (: she comes up with all sorts of weird explanations.
but her dance is always damn steppy and fast.
2 over hours of reggae , and 2 L of water gone.

only had like 4 hours of sleep before today's session, BUSHED._. was yawning and feeling uncomfortable, conscious actually. i guess when i'm not happy with some part of how i look, i just feel conscious and a bit out of sorts, im trying to change tho.
jibes, no jibes today, but worried. i dunno, dance + jibes = not too good on the ego. urgh.. get that out of your headdd!

i had bouncy hiphop today which i currently cant rmb any of the steps, oh wait i suddenly DID! YAY. haha and then there was reggae which i love but din like today cos i underperformed majorly. I WILL SLEEP EARLY TODAY. there's no reggae tmr tho ): tmr is secret mission and outing day (: always thankful, always grateful. MY BODY CONTROL TODAY WAS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. my booty wouldn't go the right way, my legs wouldn't listen, my brain was slow. tmr must be better! knees were a bit achy, at times when i feel like stopping, i try to push myself a bit more. on hindsight, even tho there was nothing wrong with what i said then and everything was true, there are still some ppl who have never gone thru it and take it as attention grabbing. then there are also some bastards ...

i hope timothy's back gets well soon! (:

got some stuff online. i love the feeling of parcels arriving. i love the feeling of letters arriving (: . so far i've had, 1, 2,3,4 parcels.. big small, gah they always make me feel better even though i got them myself. double the happiness when it comes from someone else.

i'm in love with them <3.
a million a one things to be happy about, but never ever take it that this means the most to me okay? (:

alright, self imposed curfew starts soon.
before that. I LOVE PINK. she kicks ass. how many ladies can carry off such hair, such attitude. then there's that voice, it breaks skin.

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