Tuesday, September 23, 2008

heartbreak hotel

new schedule for dance up!

wed 10.30- 12 hiphop
fri 9.oo - 11 hiphop
11.oo- 1 reggae

modern, hiphop and reggae is still the same. but, i feel i can take a breather!
or at least my knees. the training on sun and mon was probably a bit too much and my knees are achy. BUT I HAVE FOUND GLUCOSAMINEEEEE. YESSSS.

almost almost done (: thank you to cummy! i cant wait, i hope it'll work out. even if not long term, stilll, ahhh i hope it can be long term cos i think once i can actually get the hang of it, things will be more smooth. nothing ventured, nothing gained.i will try my best to make it work!


modern was cancelled today, honestly i was hoping a lil bit, okay maybe quite a huge bit that there wouldn be cos i feel so tired, and my knees are hurting again. i have to be really careful and i don want Dreams to repeat itself. i ended up lazing and cuddy and sleeping.it isn the pain that bothers me, it's what's causing the pain that's bothering me.
and i got so distracted during bouncy hiphop wondering what's happening and what would happen.

i'm horrible. some people set their heart out to do something and they either do it fully or they give up halfway, i just end up giving up so near the end. i have to try to hold out this time, things arent looking so good at the moment but i hope it'll be better soon.

Absolute Pig. (-o-)

gray contacts are more obvious here (: after having MrBean, cummy and i go for dinner at Sakae. It's much more worth it now to eat a buffet since they have the $2.99 price.

don leave me feeling like i've cashed a night in in your heartbreak hotel.
cos i could be that softtoy you keep by your side forever to hug.

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