Sunday, August 03, 2008

it is now 7.03 pm and i have not done anything.

you know the feeling when you watch a really good movie or read a really good book or savour a really good moment,

and everything just keep's playing in your mind's eye?

i'm having it now.
fragments of the enchanting tale.
what a wonderful feeeeling.
i like it, i feel lost in myself.

now all i feel like doing,
is going out, just you and me,
savouring every relaxed moment of life.
and momentos and memories,
that linger ,licking every transient happening
to turn it into tangible pieces.
like the echo of the waves in the seashell.
i'd be able to hear the echo of what we did,
anytime i wanted.

i guess the only certainty that will ever prevail, is the certainty of uncertainty.
ironic, but so very true.

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